Teamfight Tournament (August 17th)

WHEN: Registration ends at 1pm and tournament will start around 2pm.

WHERE: 1231 St Catherine St W, Montreal, Qc.


Players will be drafted into groups and will be given points accordingly:

  • 1st: 10pts
  • 2nd: 8pts
  • 3rd: 6pts
  • 4th: 4pts
  • 5th: 3pts
  • 6th: 2pts
  • 7th: 1pt
  • 8th: 1pt

We will coordinate the teams according to # of players.

If we have 16 players registered - We will do 2 groups of 8
If we have 25 players registered - We will do 5 groups of 5 - slots being filled with randoms. The actual placing you receive in game does not matter - You will be compared to the other players in the pool. If the highest placing player in your pool places 3rd, they receive 10pts as if they got first. Same if the lowest placing person receives 8th place, they receive 3pts as if they got 5th.

  •  Players with higher placements will be placed in pools with players who also placed high in their pool - mimicking a swiss format bracket
  • There will be a total of 6 rounds. At the end of every round, players will have their pools shuffled according to # of points accumulated. Winners will be determined by # of points individually accumulated at the end of the 6th round.

ENTRY: Bell Sponsored event - FREE ENTRY!


  • 1st - 100$ + VR session
  • 2nd - 75$ + VR session
  • 3rd - 25$ + VR session
  • 4th - 5hr block + VR session
  • 5th - 3hr block + VR session
  • 6th - 1hr block + VR session
  • 7th & 8th - VR session


  • Players must report misconduct 
  • Players must report their match results
  • Players must keep calm level mindset. I.E. No: aggressive attitude, slurs, threats, bullying, forms of aggression that can be viewed as hostile. Penalties may range from a verbal warning to disqualification and being asked to leave the venue. Penalties will be determined by the staff based on the situation.

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