Dota 2 City Clash - Montreal vs Toronto



Welcome to the 2nd social event: D2MTL vs Toronto Dota 2!

What is a social evening?

These social events are intended to bring the Dota 2 community together in Montreal. The format is specifically built to maximize playing time. The goal is to create an atmosphere that makes the competition better without having the unpleasant experience of being eliminated.

What is a "City Clash"?

In order to add a little "spice" to our social party, we went to search for "beef" against our rivals in Ontario: Toronto Dota 2. D2MTL and Toronto Dota 2 have agreed to work together to determine which city in Canada is the best in Dota2. Everything will be decided during our matches for the social evening.

What can we expect?

Each player wishes to participate will present themselves at Esports Central on June 22 at 6pm. In order to be eligible for participation, you have to pay $25 in advance, or $30 at the door after 6 pm.

Among the players, there will be captains chosen in advance. These captains will choose 4 other players among those who are present. Once the teams are formed, you will play against Toronto teams until you can't anymore!

The Toronto teams will be playing at Waves EGaming and we will be playing at Central Esports. All players must be present at the LAN to participate.

What are the prices?

TBD ...

How can I pay and register?

    You must register on this page.

    $ 25 per person if you pay ONLINE before 6 pm on June 22.

    $ 30 per person at the door of Central Esports AFTER 18:00 on 22 June.

What is Esports Central?

Esports Central is one of the largest LAN centers in North America located in downtown Montreal. With over 90 top of the line, PCs, 25 consoles, 6 sim-racers, 2 Virtuix Omni VR stations, a bar, and much more, this center has everything you need for an epic gaming night!