Free Roaming with MONTVR

Roam Freely. Kill Zombies. A completely immersive experience equipped with Headset and vest. Come test out the grandest experience yet - Arizona Sunshine Free Roaming. It’s mind blowing!

Key features

Wear a vest (feel the zombies slashing you)

Up to 4 players in co-op

$20 per person

Groups of 4 can now reserve!

Immersive VR experience - Omni Virtuix®

With two top of the line Omni Virtuix VR stations, get ready to take the next step in Virtual Reality. Bringing motion into the game, jump right into the action like never before.

With the option to play multiplayer (up 2 people) or alone, the Omni Virtuix VR experience is fun and exciting.


15 MINUTES - $20.00

30 MINUTES - $30.00

60 MINUTES - $50.00

Sessions are sold per person only. 

Omniverse Games

Red October

Affected: the manor

Karnage Chronicles


The exocist: Legoin VR


Core Defense

Bull runner


PC VR AND PlayStation VR

Try out the latest yet most popular VR games in your very own private section. Beginner or not, we have both the PC VR and the Playstation VR to challenge you.


1 HOUR -  $25 (Per person)

Playstation VR GAMES

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